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Asalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Welcome to Muslim Eyes!

Know the team

The Muslim Eyes team is comprised of aspiring Muslim youth from all over the world, writing about what they believe in, what they think is important, and what they value in life today. You feel it, you write it!

Muslim Eyes was established in early 2012 for the purpose of giving a voice to Muslim youth worldwide. The site is a compilation of articles, blogs, stories, videos, art, and any written or artistic expression by male and female Muslims who have something to share. The underlying goal of the site is to give an authentic glimpse or picture of what it means to be a striving Muslim youth today.

In other words, Muslim Eyes is all about YOU.

Join us in this phenomenal effort to ‘See the world through ME’.

To find out more or to join the Muslim Eyes team, write to us at contact@muslimeyes.com.

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