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The land which once blossomed with cheerful faces, yet now terribly burns amidst the painful blazes, As the fierce, eerie winds of destruction blew, The chaos, loss, and hurt amongst […]

The land which once blossomed with cheerful faces,
yet now terribly burns amidst the painful blazes,

As the fierce, eerie winds of destruction blew,
The chaos, loss, and hurt amongst its inhabitants grew,

Amidst the clouds of darkness and terror, its people bled,
with grieving hearts and wounded bodies, incessant tears were shed,

A country of Musa, where the wrath of Al – A’zeez descended upon the ruthless Fira’wn, drowning him in angry waters,
After Syria, it is Egypt today that is left in bits and tatters,

With clouds of rancour, rains of blood and spec tars of fear, its reticent land barely breaths,
With constant firings, tear gas sessions and heartless bombings, the souls from this transitory abode are freed,

On them have befallen the worst calamity, a deadly massacre is what they are facing,
Being caught in the eye of the storm, yet not with an intention to escape but towards jannah, the martyrs are racing,

The Masaajids were brought down to ashes, the gigantic tanks entered piercing the pillars and walls whilst the devout slaves bowed down and prostrated,
Spilling the blood of enormous yet helpless crowd, which scattered around the space, every soul
swirling in bafflement shrieked agitated,
Their peaceful nation which once prospered was now devastated,
On witnessing this scenario, the enemies with an evil grin were fascinated,

Instead of the Ummah, the brutal opponents awesomely united and played their filthy game of deceit,
While we are in deep slumber, they planned our downfall, so that it is easy for them to defeat,

Thousands of humans furiously killed just for the heck of it, adults, oldies, and kids – none of them out of Rehma were spared,
After being denied of their rights when alive, the burial of their dead pale bodies which is their haq was snatched away without being feared,

The oppressors have crossed every limit, dreadful are their plots and tortures,
Unfortunately, the innocent and unarmed Egyptians are attacked by their very own protecting shield – ‘their army’ – ‘their soldiers’,
Every father, every mother, every daughter and son,
Mourns at the death of their beloved, which were gone in a flash of a second without any reason,
Gardens of bliss turned into graveyards, immense delight into deep sorrow, prevailing was the
breeze of turmoil, leaving several families grief stricken,

But while all this havoc takes place, why are WE lost as an Ummah?
Where is the Muslim youth? The likes of Ali, Umar, Abu Bakr, – the zealous gems from Ahul Qur’an wa Sunnah!

While in Egypt, several mothers cry in agony for losing the apple of their eyes, their adorable children,
And here we continue to enjoy TV soap operas, football and cricket match series, adjusting our schedules as it fits,

Oh Muslims! Know that indulging in the self – pleasures, giving in to whims and desires will lead to
humiliation, making us weak,
neither the futile arguments nor the trivial discussions will be of any good, forgiveness is what we
need to seek,

The tides of disasters have risen up so there has to be an awakening now, a divine one so the tyrants
tremble with fright,
Each one of us have to work day in and day out, to bring a positive change amongst the folks, which
won’t happen overnight,

Al – Qaadir will not change the condition of any nation, until they are serious about their inner
High time now to let go of your self-degrading addictions, it is you who have to smash down the
urges of procrastination,

Ignore the murmurings of the Satan, concentrate on blunders of the past, which need to be sincerely
Adorning the cloaks of Tawbaah and Taqwa, allow your ailing souls to be cured and purified,
So that we wear the victorious crown in Duniya and the Aaakhiraa, by being amongst those who possess Qalbun saleem, a heart – whose sanctuary was sanctified,

This is the call to all the fantabulous leaders with wisdom and knowledge, who now have to step up
being united as ONE for the sake of the Ummah of Mohammad Ibn Abdullah,
With the revealing of the cruel Fira’wn’s, its turn for the Musa’s to come into this picture, confronting
the enemies of the sharia’ah,

The ultimate commencing of the reformation of our people, our communities, our homes has to take
place, without ignoring the ‘self’,
Before we lose it all, let us empower ourselves with the kalaamullah, pick up the Miraculous Qur’an from that shelf,
Success is assured if we tread the path of the prophets, keep the Seerah at the back of our hands, being enlightened by the glorious History,
Embrace the truth and follow it with immediate action, leaving behind your imprints on the lane which is legendary,

Time has witnessed the unity of the passionate Muslim blood, where wars were initiated, flesh was sliced and head struck off for the honor of a religion they sincerely believed – Islam,
Ya Muslimeen! Wake up as one body, stronger than the rigid mountains, mightier than the powerful waves, seek assistance from your lord who is All AbleYaa salaam!

The magnificent light will come; bringing the most awaited Dawn,
Don’t despair at the beginning of this trial, remember that at the end Musa did cross the red sea
safely whereas the one who submerged into an eternity of Hellfire was Fira’wn.




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